Refund Policy

1. You can request a refund from your Koalaboost balance in the following cases:

Your order was canceled;

You did not like the quality of service provided by a particular seller;

You reconsidered spending money on services, placed on the website;

By a decision of the Arbitration Team.

To submit a request, contact our support team via The rules and regulations of refund procedures are presented below.

We only consider requests within 48 hours. It takes between 1 and 14 business days to transfer the money to your personal account. The exact time depends on the particular payment systems. Koalaboost can not influence this process.

KOALABOOST refund rules

We can only return money to the account in which your balance was replenished;

You can request a full or partial refund. The majority of payment systems support full refunds only. Partial refunds are available by a limited number of large payment systems, such as Paypal. Unfortunately, Koalaboost can not influence this.

If you have replenished your Koalaboost balance and then spent a some of it; if the Arbitration team partially returned your money as the result of a dispute with a seller, only a partial refund is available.

Refunds are effected by verified users when identity documents are provided.


Please, ensure to read this agreement (here in after 'Agreement') carefully. If you do not agree with any of the issues of the current Agreement, you are not eligible to confirm your registration, to use any services provided by the current resource "KOALABOOST LIMITED" (hereinafter - 'Koalaboost', 'The Platform' or 'The Web-site'), sell, buy or exchange goods via the functional capacity of this trading platform.

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The User Agreement and these Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Estonia.

3. Payments for employees

A. The Company shall pay to the Employee for completed orders every 2 weeks.

B. Payments and time frames for every order shall be reached by mutual agreement with employee before starting process.

C. Payments for completed orders will be made on credit card witch our employee indicated on his / her applicant's profile.